How Soon is Now for AMI?

Published on June 11, 2021

Andy Honeycutt

President and Chief Consulting Officer at MeterSYS

I am the son and heir

Of nothing in particular.

Morrissey- The Smiths. 1985

Whether crooned by an arguably popular English rock band or heard, paraphrased of course, in metering shops across the country, owning something of nothing in particular, is often the non-desirable reality for utilities. So we make the huge leap from Morrissey’s reflection on his crippling shyness to public utility operators across the country who inherit antiquated and, often problematic, metering infrastructure without any material hope of resolution. Often it seems easier to stay in the shadows. The reality is, it’s never easier over time.

Public utilities are often reserved and risk adverse, much like an introverted Morrissey, and tend to be hesitant to make major changes to their organizations. They often cite leadership, funding, uncertainty of solution, timing, and a myriad of other influences to answering the question of “how soon is now”. As a former public administrator, I understand these hurdles and recognize the reluctance of our clients to invest in major capital projects like meter infrastructure. The great news is that our industry, and especially MeterSYS, has addressed the “how soon is now” question by developing and applying tested solutions to the various conditions that otherwise impede our clients from acting. From Metering as a Service® to options for infrastructure and application outsourcing, we customize the solution like a well tailored suit.

I am excited to be in an industry where the fundamentals of metering technology, the meter to customer (not cash) transaction, is reliable and sustainable, while continually expanding itself through innovation and new iterations. We are a part of the shift in traditional AMI that broadens the value of fixed-base metering through use of added sensors and essential data extraction for critical operations, not only in utilities, but in general municipal and county operations including public safety, solid waste, streets, stormwater and public health.

With innovation, manufacturers of metering infrastructure will continue to refine their core business to differentiate themselves from their competitors. This is a good thing. Our job is to understand the fundamentals of the industry players so that we may provide clear, concise, and unbiased guidance to our clients on what options are best aligned with their operational objectives. At MeterSYS, we are disciplined to provide a metering technology roadmap so that our clients know exactly what we mean, and they do not have to wait any longer.

When you say it’s gonna happen now

When exactly do you mean?

See I’ve already waited too long

And all my hope is gone

How soon is now- 1985, The Smiths

Andy Honeycutt, President and Chief Consulting Officer