Advisory Services

MeterSYS operates exclusively in the evaluation, design, procurement, and implementation of AMI for public water utilities, with a primary focus on evaluation and implementation of fixed-based technology across all major manufacturers. Our expertise in local government and utility operations spans over 3 decades and our work in advanced metering operations (AMR and AMI) has been in continual development since 2010.  Since that time, MeterSYS has successfully delivered feasibility analysis, meter technology assessment, procurement services, and project management leadership for advanced metering projects by water utilities. MeterSYS has assembled a great team of dedicated professionals possessing the experience, expertise, industry partnerships, and proven methodology for industry-leading AMI feasibility analysis, field testing, and metering project management.

As smart meter technology advances at a rapid pace, we strongly believe we should partner with a dedicated, but vendor-neutral, service company that has a core focus on evaluation and implementation of AMI solutions. Our MeterSYS team members possess both local government and public utility experience and we focus on water metering technologies, utility finance, customer service, and resource conservation. MeterSYS helps guide utilities through AMI feasibility analysis, and also provides project procurement and project management services as needed, creating consistency throughout the entire process and ensuring internal resources are responsibly used.

Our experience and expertise in advanced metering operations (AMR and AMI) has origins out of local government technology and business process consulting since 2010.  Our unique ability to restructure workflows and facilitate systems integrations associated with utility metering and billing go far beyond that of any other metering consultant, distributor, or manufacturer. Since 2015, we have successfully delivered advanced metering services to 20 water utilities in three states, influencing the operations of over 250,000 meters. MeterSYS® arose out of a need for additional support services beyond what meter manufacturers or distributors traditionally offer, and our services have been positively disrupting the AMR/AMI market through public agency advocacy and demands for better accountabilities on behalf of utilities. MeterSYS® team members are very knowledgeable of North Carolina procurement and utility customer service regulations, having delivered more AMR/AMI feasibility projects here than any other firm.  Union County will receive from MeterSYS® a commitment for success that far surpasses any other company because we live here, we are passionate about the work we do, and our proud that our company’s reputation is based on the work we do each day for our public utility partners.

MeterSYS® has never accepted any compensation from any metering or distributing company and is committed to maintaining neutrality without influence for our partner utilities.  It is our experience in working with multiple metering technology solutions and being trained on their solutions which make us a leader in project negotiations and management, but our allegiance and advocacy will always be on behalf of the utility.

MeterSYS is uniquely positioned to partner with public utilities to provide sustained operational efficiencies, enhanced customer service, and natural resource conservation through advanced metering technologies.