AMI- Data Overload or Data Goldmine?

AMI Data Management is Scalable for Large and Small Utilities.

 The exponential rise of big data and what to do with it has become a major issue for all levels of government. The dramatic advances in data analytics and the associated requirements of maintaining a highly-evolved smart metering environment requires greater capital investment and significantly more training and technology sophistication that earlier analog metering systems. In addition to objective requirements such as storage capacity, there is also the more subjective need to track clearly identified and relevant metrics that will drive decision making, instead of simply cataloging data points.

Through a long-term contract with MeterSYS, a small utility will be able to compliment its limited resourcing and staffing capacities and benefit from advanced technology solutions and innovative customer service that would otherwise be unaffordable. The sophistication of MDM solutions allows a utility unparalleled insight into customer usage, system production, and staff efficiency. Dashboard reports enhance context through the use of infographics and trending, making it easier to manage inventory, oversee work orders, and monitor production levels.

AMI key data variables:

  • Daily consumption and customer usage profiles
  • Repeat work orders
  • Tamper/theft alarms
  • Leak detection
  • Temperature/pressure
  • Water loss calculations
  • Pump station recordings
  • Overall water system health

AMI systems and two-way communication between the operations and smart meters are responsible for major advancements in how utilities are able to leverage technology to reduce or eliminate manual work processes. The scalability and customized configuration of AMI systems provides flexibility for utility operators to address their unique, localized functional requirements.

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