AMI Pilot Program and Meter Technology Assessment

By identifying and implementing opportunities to leverage technology and improved processes, MeterSYS will provide consultant analysis and recommendations on technology systems integration and leverage contributing to reductions in costs and improved abilities to reduce revenue leakage.  Our use of a “systems evaluation approach” offers the greatest opportunity for significant and sustainable organizational improvement for all major functions organization.

Our MTAC solution provides planning, selection, and deployment solutions supported by infrastructure dedicated to successful testing of meter technologies. Our mobile tower unit is available to customers when the test environment is not conducive to existing infrastructure and provides for up to 100′ of elevation and multiple collector installation. Coupled with our recent partnership with WaterSmart software, we are able to establish Meter Data Management System functionality consistently among the testing technologies while only creating one utility billing interface (if required). The dedication of the MeterSYS technical team to deliver test solutions that minimize costs and operational disruptions far exceed that of any other provider in the market.

MeterSYS has direct project experience with 5 AMR/AMI market leading vendors and their distributors. Our company is vendor neutral and we conduct ongoing research on latest metering technologies and trends.  We are advocates for public utilities and we positively disrupt the traditional manufacturer/distributor environment by challenging norms and stated limitations from vendors. Our test environment and full deployment methodology balances efficient facilitation of program objectives while holding vendors accountable for performance.  Our team is very experienced in working with distributors and manufacturers to minimize the disruption of pilot and full deployment projects on the customer’s (utility’s) resources.  We maintain strict accountability to the utility, communicate effectively, and support customer service in interests of maintaining public trust.