Asset Management

For capital-intensive projects like meter reading infrastructure enhancements, MeterSYS® recognizes the importance for local governments to conduct an analytical assessment. We advocate starting with a current state assessment to better understand current operations and constraints facing the utility. We repeatedly see the top three burdens facing public utilities as being aging assets, reduced revenue, and increasing regulations. We work with your staff to evaluate the opportunity and identify hurdles to pursuing a smart metering system that is designed to meet both current and future needs.

The benefits of smart metering technology have a much larger impact than just accurately registering water at the point of consumption. Influences of fixed base reading technology on field staff, customer service, utility analytics, business processes related to real-time read data, billing schedules, systems integration, conservation, and a myriad of other related utility functions make AMI an essential technology choice for utilities. Collecting data and using it to improve operations and customer service are two completely different functions.  We show you how to do both so that your smart metering technology is a smart investment.