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Building Stronger Utilities One Putt at a Time

Across the country, institutions of higher learning are developing new leadership for the many public sector and public utility jobs that will need to be filled as we begin to see 10,000 people per day leaving the workforce for retirement with 48% of all organizational supervisors eligible to retire.  With this major shift in the […]

Managing Large Meter Asset Performance

While a majority of water meters for utilities generally serve residential customers, larger meters for commercial and industrial customers often provide the most significant amount of revenue for a utility.   Large meters are subjected to mechanical wear and pit conditions that cause accuracy performance to degrade at almost twice the rate of smaller residential meters.  […]

MeterSYS Presents Options to Goldsboro City Council

January 4, 2016 After several months of detailed analysis, the MeterSYS team presented the findings of its assessment and recommendations for the City of Goldsboro’s smart metering program.  The City has realized a significant setback with the failure of its Datamatic AMR read equipment and has looked to MeterSYS to help shape the financial and […]

Smart Metering- Capital Competition or Partnership Potentiality?

The MeterSYS P3 Model Is An Option Economies of scale – low cost, low margin, repeatability, outsourcing Low risk with transparency of cost and operation and strong protection and claw-back measures built in Support the municipality in all stages of meter deployment from planning and implementation through post-deployment Streamline operations and business processes; automate manual […]

AMI- Data Overload or Data Goldmine?

AMI Data Management is Scalable for Large and Small Utilities.  The exponential rise of big data and what to do with it has become a major issue for all levels of government. The dramatic advances in data analytics and the associated requirements of maintaining a highly-evolved smart metering environment requires greater capital investment and significantly […]