Clean Water With the Shake of a Bottle


With today’s smart technology we are seeing our simple everyday items recreated into something we never thought possible. From our smart phones, to our smart cars, even our smart homes which are able to listen to any command and follow through by adjusting our thermostat and unlocking doors. Now even our simple everyday items are starting to communicate back to us to help keep us healthy.

These new smart water bottles are in high demand. There are different versions of smart water bottles which features range from having alarms to remind you to drink eight glasses every day, to CamelBak’s All Clear water bottle which uses UV technology to help purify unsafe water in just 60 seconds, to a more complex water bottle that is able to communicate back to you what is in the water, filtrate it and make it ready to drink.

The Ecomo water bottle is able to be filled with water from anywhere, your home sink, public fountain, even a lake. You then activate the testing by shaking the bottle, once it has been purified a green light and the word “Good” shows up. If the water needs more done to make it potable a simple twist at the base of the water bottle helps reduce bacteria, pesticides, and heavy metals by up to 99.9 percent. The smart water bottle is able to detect traces of total organic carbon, total dissolved solids, turbidity and the even the water temperature. The Ecomo Bottle runs on batteries that are able to be recharged, along with replacement filters. The water bottle syncs to your phone to help you achieve your daily hydration goals.

The global smart water bottle market is expected to grow 15% by 2024. From the high tech water bottles like Ecomo, to UV technology our simple everyday items are making it easier to reach our goals, even if it is just to drink your eight glasses a day.