Feasibility Analysis and Procurement

Our industry knowledge of market pricing and broad understanding of the complexities of AMI implementations provide our clients with the overall best solution for predictable AMI planning and financing by these key deliverables:

✓ Development of Goals and Objectives

✓ Assessment of Current Technology and Systems

✓ AMR/AMI Requirements

✓ Financial Analysis

✓ Vendor Network Design Options

✓ Procurement Strategy


Our Feasibility Analysis involves each of the key business units of the utility, billing, customer service, water distribution, and IT because each is a contributing stakeholder to the technology analysis. These interconnections are important in evaluating an AMI solution and ultimately designing an approach that is customized to fit the utility’s goals and objectives. Our deliverables are also sensitive to the ancillary impacts of AMI and include recommendations for utilities to best mitigate the more difficult aspects of technology adoption, such as:

✓ Change Management and Resource Reassignment

✓ Key Utility Operational Processes Redesign

✓ Financial Analysis
✓ Vendor Design Options

✓ Financial Analysis

✓ Public Communication and Customer Engagement

Our model is effective in determining the true ROI to most accurately anticipate the effort, costs, and feasibility of an AMI deployment.

MeterSYS utilizes comprehensive analysis modeling that far surpasses that of typical meter companies, as it quantifies the direct and qualifies the indirect financial and operational benefits of the new read technology. Our model is dynamic and customized for CapEx and OpEx. After modeling, we provide customized financial data through business intelligence on a customer web portal.

For procurement, our team is very focused on defining the specific requirements of each utility in order to develop RFP goals and objectives that support the technical specifications for solution testing and implementation.

Business intelligence allows for customizable analytics and trending to support sound financial decision-making and the unique needs, goals and objectives of a utility is met.

We have deep experience:

✓ Writing technical specifications that represent the operational goals of the utility

✓ Planning and designing various metering technology solutions and encourage vendor participation with differing strengths and weaknesses

✓ Working with multiple metering technology solutions which make us a leader in project negotiations and management