Happy Birthday, Mr. Newman

You might have known Paul Newman was a famous actor and founder of Newman’s Own food company, but did you know he was also a race car driver, double-majored in drama and economics, served in the Navy and saw action in the Pacific in WWII, and was on Broadway before he made it to Hollywood? On top of all that, he also co-founded Safe Water Network, a nonprofit dedicated to building clean drinking water stations in remote areas and that we now have the pleasure of being a partner of. 

Mr. Newman, a true renaissance man, would have turned 94 this past Saturday. In honor of his birthday, I donated to our Water Works India effort, which is raising funds through our partnership with Safe Water Network to build a water station in Sangareddy, India. 

For more information or to donate, please visit https://www.safewaternetwork.org/metersys

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