We are experts in helping Facility and Property Managers leverage innovative IoT sensor and remote monitoring technology solutions. Many cities and building operators are having to do more with less, and remote sensing technologies can serve to fill a gap in data collection, situational awareness, and asset management.

We are partners with leading IoT and Analytics vendors that provide users with real-time data and insights on indoor building air quality, building and room occupancy levels, water metering and leaks, and asset tracking.

Indoor Air Quality Sensors

Wireless sensors that can detect and monitor a range of important air quality conditions, including VOCs, pathogen size particulates, CO2, temperature, and humidity.

Occupancy Levels

Wireless sensors that count and report on building and room occupancy levels to ensure public is informed on occupancy safety before entering a space.

Asset Tracking

Wireless sensors that can track vehicles, equipment or other assets for safety, fleet maintenance, and loss prevention.

Water Leaks

Wireless sensors that monitor building water consumption, leaks, and flooding incidents

Water Metering

Smart submeters that automatically track and report water usage

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