We are experts in helping water and wastewater utilities leverage data and insights using innovative advanced metering infrastructure, smart sensors, and other IoT technology solutions.

Utilities and cities are having to do more with less, and remote sensing technologies can deliver real results for utilities and the communities they serve.

Protect Infrastructure

Detect and mitigate potential damage from leaks, floods, overflows and pollutants

Make Budgets Go Further

Automate data collection, extend the life of existing infrastructure, prioritize repair and replace based on probability of failure and severity of consequences, and lower the cost of remote sensing by leveraging LoRaWAN.

Operational Improvements

Use remote monitoring to decrease field service trips and utilize data to identify risks and where your team can make the most impact.

Situational Awareness

Gain better visibility into the health of your infrastructure by capturing and viewing near real-time data that LoRaWAN (long-range wide area networks) technology enables. Build out a “digital twin” of your network to identify risks in your infrastructure and operations.

Regulatory Compliance

Automate the capture  of data required for compliance reporting, including stormwater and sewer run-off data, industrial and agricultural pollutant discharges, and other risks and gain insights to mitigate those compliance risks.


Reduce non-revenue water loss, water consumption, and energy use and increase reclaimed water usage.

Deliver Higher Quality Customer Service

Minimize clean water “boil advisories” and neighborhood shutdowns caused by mainline water leaks.

Improve Public Health

Trace sources of pollutants and pathogens in your network.

Increase Revenues

Raise revenues by accurately billing for water consumption and for increasing reclaimed water sales

Water Distribution Solutions

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure

  • Leak Detection sensors

  • Water Pressure sensors

  • Water Flow sensors

  • Water Level sensors

  • Water Quality sensors

  • Rain Gauge Sensors

  • Water Pump Vibration Sensors

  • Leak Prediction Software


  • Reduce NWR “non-revenue water loss”
  • Lower risks of pipe failures and leaks with severe consequences
  • Prioritize repair and replace budgets and work orders
  • Identify and fill data gaps and deficiencies in hydraulic models
  • Reduce costs of treating stormwater pollutants
  • Optimize aquifer and groundwater levels
  • Improve control over lift stations, water wells and remote valves
  • Reduce labor costs associated with manual reads

Wastewater Collection Solutions

  • Wastewater level sensors

  • Wastewater flow sensors

  • Wastewater Quality and Pollutant Sensors

  • Wastewater Odor Sensors

  • Water Pump Vibration Sensors


  • Reduce risks of SSO (sewer overflows)
  • Lower risks of sewer pipe failures and leaks
  • Extend the life of infrastructure by minimizing damaging pollutants
  • Identify and mitigate source of pollutants
  • Reduce energy and chemical costs of treating pollutants
  • Collect SSO and pollutant compliance data without field audits
  • Reduce citizen complaints about odors from wastewater treatment facilities

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