AMI Works…For All Utilities

The benefits of advanced meter infrastructure are profound, but the influx of data and requisite technology expertise has ruled it out as an unnecessary expenditure for small towns in which the population isn’t clamoring for it and the justification of allocating for that amount of capital expenditure just doesn’t pass muster. However, AMI is the technology of the future, and just as the solid waste industry developed a repeatable service model to meet the growing demand for waste management, the utility sector lends itself to a similar opportunity. AMI technology will allow your utility to prepare for the future while providing better service through sustainable operations.

MeterSYS is vendor neutral.  We don’t try to sell  a particular vendor product or meter. Instead, we identify, assess, and optimize the solution to fit your community. By considering a multitude of factors, all solutions are vetted based on their ability to meet your particular objectives – like how well they resolve your pain points and their performance in your particular environment. We take the guesswork out of deciding which solution is a right fit for your utility.

Key benefits of an AMI upgrade include: 

  • Increased system performance: Real-time data allows system alarms and monitoring to identify areas of concern and inform management with data-driven analysis so you know how your system is performing at any given time.
  • Enhanced asset management: By taking the guess work out, AMI gives hard numbers to complex variables to pinpoint any system risk, allowing management to create accurate growth forecasting and issue prioritization based on objective results to increase the lifecycle of your assets
  • Increased energy efficiency and conservation methods: The advanced analytics produced by AMI and the respective MDM software will aid in the oversight of regulatory compliance. Efficiency and sustainability is also promoted through the transparency with your customers around their usage, allowing them to make conscious conservation decisions.
  • Increase reliability and security: Through proper disaster recovery and risk management practices, your utility will be able to leverage AMI to improve system monitoring and allow for remote troubleshooting
  • Cost avoidance: Increased reliability allows for cost control and management. Leak alarms ensure that your utility will never reimburse another high bill based on a customer complaint for leak adjustment
  • Cost savings: Thanks to automation, your utility will save in labor costs and unplanned asset expenses, in addition to improved accuracy for billing, meaning you’ll be recouping costs
  • Additional intangible benefits: business process improvements; customer service; inventory and asset management; remote capabilities allowing for improved worker safety and customer management; strategic planning/maintenance planning; improved asset performance