Large Meter Service Programs for Water Utilities

Large meter management is an expensive capital investment of every water utility and requires on-going testing and maintenance to ensure utilities are capturing accurate reads and billing large customers correctly. On-site testing of the larger meters is one way to insure their proper operation and utilities also should include testing meters at the water system’s facilities for determination of non-revenue water loss. For most large meter settings, on-site testing is more economical and piping in a meter installation may have an influence on a meter’s accuracy so deviations may be better detected by on-site testing.

One method of maintaining proper performance for certain types of larger meters is to replace the operating components and assemblies while leaving the meter body in place. If the measuring and registration functions are within one integral assembly, no accuracy tests are required after installation. If separate assemblies are involved a final on-site accuracy test is recommended.  Whether your utility is interested in condition and accuracy assessment, large-meter rebuilds, or full replacement of your large meter inventory, MeterSYS has the programs and services available to help your utility achieve your metering goals.

On-Demand/Emergency Testing Metersys Zones

MeterSYS provides utilities with fast response to their large meter testing needs with our On-Demand Testing service. Whether working on capital improvement plans or responding to potential metrology problems, our technicians can be on-site assessing your large meter assets in as little as 5 business days- because we know how important it is for you to have the right information when you need it.

We have standard daily pricing rates for Zones 1 and 2, with Zone 3 pricing determined on a case-by-case basis. Rates are dependent on testing needs and location, so please call and speak to our technicians for exact pricing, and we guarantee a pricing response within 24-hours.

Large Meter Condition Analysis and Testing

Conducting a Meter Condition Analysis (MCA) of a utility’s large meter inventory can determine the revenue potential and operational accuracy through the evaluation of rebuilding versus replacing meter assets. Additionally, the availability of parts for the existing meters and recommendations on end-of-life replacement budgeting and CIP estimates will be provided as deliverables. An MCA can be included as an element of large meter testing or can be a stand-alone service.

Large Meter Annual Services Program

Designed to be an ongoing support services relationship between MeterSYS and your utility, the frequency and specifications of the testing within our Annual Services Program is fully customizable according to the requirements and budget of your organization. Annual services may include large meter testing, maintenance, replacement, vault assessment, inventory and ordering management, and RMA oversight.

Large Meter Revenue Program

Our Large Meter Revenue Program is ideal for utilities that have limited resources, but an observed need for a robust testing and replacement program. By partnering with MeterSYS, utilities may leverage a complete replacement of selected large meters (4” and greater) that meet specific criteria for replacement with no upfront capital costs requirements by the utility.  Through performance revenue sharing from improved meter registration, utilities benefit from increased utility income while partnering with MeterSYS through capital outsourcing with no risks to the utility. Contact MeterSYS today to see how our Large Meter Revenue Program can help your utility achieve your financial and operational goals.