Large Meter Services

Larger meters serving commercial and industrial customers generally provide the greatest amount of revenue for a utility.  Large meters are also subjected to mechanical wear and pit conditions that cause accuracy performance to degrade many times faster than the rate of smaller residential meters. Degradation of accuracy often with high-demand usage results in under-registration, unnecessary capital costs, and negative impacts to customer confidence.

All water meters larger than 3” are candidates for the Large Meter Management suite of services including:

Large Meter Evaluation


Build and Replacement

Revenue Support

We work with our clients to develop a standardized, ongoing maintenance service program provided by trained and experienced large meter testing professionals to ensure the accuracy and longevity of utility assets.

MeterSYS® service technicians have over 50 years of direct metering field experience. Our field staff will identify and correct issues such as:


Corroded or Worn Down Parts

Improper Calibration

Inaccurate Registration

through our On-Demand Testing, Meter Condition Analysis and Testing, Large Meter Annual Services, and our Large Meter Revenue programs. Our staff is available for more information and estimates on any of our Large Meter Service offerings by Email or calling us toll-free at 844.881.8685.