LoRaWAN wireless infrastructure is a carrier grade low-power, long-range, and wide-area network designed for smart metering, remote sensors, and other outdoor and indoor IoT solutions. As an open network, LoRaWAN can create financial and operating benefits for utilities and cities that want to deploy multiple metering and sensor applications on a single network.

While we recommend and have experience deploying LoRaWAN solutions, we also have expertise in deploying IoT solutions that work on cellular or other wireless infrastructure.


  • Lower Cost of Ownership
    • Battery lives of up to ten years before replacement
    • Longer range coverage than most wireless technologies – less supporting infrastructure required
  • Shared Savings

    Multiple applications and devices can be supported on a single LoRaWAN network

  • No Bandwidth Competition from Cellular Network 

    Reliable connectivity without risk of competing with video or other bandwidth intensive applications

  • Scalability

    Low cost of adding new devices, gateways onto the network – no new towers required

  • Better Situational Awareness

    LoRa devices can report data far more frequently than cellular networks because of the low power consumption, making it more attractive for operators to collect data on their water system and to have greater control over remote infrastructure equipment.

Products and Services

LoRaWAN Strategic Planning and Project Management for cities and water utilities- Design, build, integrate, operate, monitor events, and provide ongoing maintenance and support

LoRaWAN as a Service – SenthiSYS will finance, design, build, operate, monitor events, and provide ongoing support under a single contract for cities and utilities

LoRa certified sensors, IoT devices, meters, network services, and software applications from SenthiSYS certified partners

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