Metering as a Service® by MeterSYS is a key component of our core business that provides a great opportunity for water and electric utilities of all sizes to benefit from the latest in AMI technologies without the hurdles that most utilities face when considering a metering upgrade. Utilities can outsource all aspects of advanced metering technology in an optimized performance and cost-transparent environment. Our methodology behind this innovative solution is Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Maintain (DBFOM). Through this program, MeterSYS manages your metering system automation to the level desired by the utility.


Planning and designing advanced metering solutions that is scalable to the customer


Installing advanced meters and supporting network and infrastructure


Providing metering equipment to Utilities shifting AMI costs from CapEx to OpEx


Providing real-time field support operations and reporting analytics


System remote monitoring, troubleshooting and long-term planning

The MaaS program of work is specifically designed to increase the affordability of adopting innovative technology through a long-term service contract, as opposed to the utility issuing the traditional debt service to fund implementation under a capital project designation.

Technology investments are critical for greater operational efficiency while meeting the demand for improved customer service. Through meter replacement and automation of reading, your utility will experience significant improvements beyond accurate recording for billing purposes. The Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS) and the supporting analytics for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) provide metering and billing staff a myriad of data collection points for increased responsiveness and service to your customers and the management of utility operational systems.








AMI systems and two-way communication between utility operations and advanced meters are responsible for major advancements in how utilities are able to utilize data and leverage technology to reduce or eliminate manual work processes. AMI systems can be scaled and its configurations can be customized to provide the flexibility that most utility operators are seeking from technology to address their unique, localized functional requirements.

No capital investment required. This allows the cost of the equipment, maintenance, and ongoing support to be amortized over a portion of the useful life of the asset.

With MaaS, municipalities now have an option to bring fully leveraged AMI technologies to their customers with affordable service contracting, with a refined selection approach, accelerated implementation, and a sustainable and transparent business model.

Frequently Asked Questions

MeterSYS has a step-by-step project plan that is fully customizable and scalable to your specific requirements. Contact us to create a quote tailored to your specific needs.

Utilities operate in an environment of changing regulations, capital competition, aging assets, increasing costs, and higher customer expectations. Our MaaS program provides a simple way for utilities to adopt AMI with reduced upfront costs through predictable annual service fees. Our experienced service technicians to keep your metering and billing operations running smoothly throughout the service period. From daily maintenance and monitoring to long-term asset operations, our experienced staff will eliminate the responsibility for capital planning and staffing while optimizing utility revenues.

MeterSYS offers advanced metering educational presentations tailored to employees, decision makers, and customers. We can share with leadership the benefits of AMI to customer service, finance and operations to present the business case for metering and billing investments.

We have operational experience across leading AMI technology companies and apply solutions best suited for our utility customers that is proven, scalable, and reliable.

Our MaaS program provides utilities with the option to maintain their existing infrastructure or have full change-out of meters.

Our turn-key meter technology service program is designed to provide each utility with the preferred balance of internal and outsourced operations. Your utility staff will be provided with training aligned specifically with the customized service program. We are committed to making AMI technology simple for your utility, while keeping you in full control.

System performance reporting and detailed service level agreements provide the utility with a high level of operational protection and control. The program is designed to maintain quality system operations and monitoring by trained professionals committed to optimal performance of your AMI system.