Managing Large Meter Asset Performance

While a majority of water meters for utilities generally serve residential customers, larger meters for commercial and industrial customers often provide the most significant amount of revenue for a utility.   Large meters are subjected to mechanical wear and pit conditions that cause accuracy performance to degrade at almost twice the rate of smaller residential meters.  Faced with increasing operational costs and pressures to maintain low utility rates, utilities must make the most of meter reading accuracy especially from large-use customers.

MeterSYS has recently announced the release of our Large Metering Services Programs for water utilities seeking professional services delivered by our trained and experienced meter technicians. Whether utilities have an emergency testing (On-Demand Testing) need or require quick testing response for planning, our large meter testing team is available to provide the resources and response our clients require to keep their utility operations rolling.

For utilities needing more information about their large meters to support capital planning or routine maintenance, our Meter Condition Analysis (MCA) provides full asset assessment using customized field inventory tools followed by a detailed findings and recommendations report for effective program development.

Our Annual Services Program provides standardization and predictability for utility large meter management through an annual customized service program matching utility goals, operational requirements, and financial capacities.  For those who want to experience the benefit of large meter management without risks to constricted operational budgets, MeterSYS offers our Large Meter Revenue Program that provides large meter (4” and above) upgrades or replacement without any up-front capital costs to the utility.

Regardless of the path you take in large meter management, MeterSYS encourages utilities to include routine assessment and maintenance as important contributors to your revenue and conservation strategies and as a great foundation for a comprehensive smart metering program.