Meter Asset Management: Field Inventory

Meter asset inventory services by MeterSYS® Meter Asset Manager provides utilities with reliable and customizable electronic field data collection for water metering systems.  Having a current and detailed inventory database of your utility’s meter infrastructure provides your operators with critical information in management, maintenance, and replacement. This will give your utility real-time data of your metering network, increasing management’s ability to support capital planning, service delivery, and system maintenance.

Through coordination with your utility staff, MeterSYS® Meter Asset Manager technicians conduct a software systems setup, configuration, and pre-deployment analysis to ensure data quality in order to provide the most cost effective field asset inventory available.  Our customization of each input within the asset inventory will ensure you get the most relevant information about your system possible.

Our Meter Asset Manager services may be performed by our field technicians for a complete turn-key field inventory or by your utility operations staff trained by MeterSYS®. We strive to provide the greatest flexibility in design so that you receive inventory support responsive to the needs of your organization.

Primary service typeutilities board meter

 Contact us today to find out more about how MeterSYS® Meter Asset Manager will help you gain control over your field assets and dramatically improve your meter infrastructure planning program through customized field data collection using reliable our reliable and easy to use GPS-based input tablets.