Metering and Billing Process Improvement

Better data = Better decisions = Better service

Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS) are notorious for being prohibitively expensive to customize features of the software. This leaves utilities with:

  • Canned reports
  • Alerts and alarms irrelevant to certain account types
  • Data not presented intuitively
  • Data not analyzed with end-user in mind

Ensuring that this data is contributing to a well-designed data plan and that proper responsibility and accountability measures are in place will mean the difference between enhanced data-driven decision making and death-by-data.

Our team of technical professionals will:

  • Help utilities understand where the data is coming from and what story it can tell about their operations and assets
  • Help educate staff on the system and its data drivers, ensuring the appropriate issue resolution tiers have been established with appropriate responsibilities assigned
  • Ensure full integration of various functionalities of AMI into each major workflow of operations to maximize the return on investment and capitalize on data-driven decision-making.

AMI is an integrated systems platform that offers enhanced insight into all aspects of the utility from customer consumption patterns to utility asset management. Whether through meter vendor analytics or through our analytics network, we have the functionalities that utilities want at costs that works for every budget.

The underlying service concept that MeterSYS brings to all our project is facilitation. We meet the utility at their point of need and seek to augment internal staff resources and proficiency. Most of the time, we find that utilities are simply overwhelmed with the demand of operations. Despite of and because of being locked in a break-fix pattern, AMR/AMI projects are often significantly delayed or unfunded due to differences between the recognized value of the project to the Utility Department and the intimidating price tag that can reduce support from organizational leadership. MeterSYS works with our clients to present the business case and provide educational materials and presentations to eliminate the gaps in project value, develop a clear path for implementation, and apply public investment justification into the project plan process.

We work with you to establish the right requirements and negotiate the best solution so that you have confidence that your advanced metering partner is the RIGHT partner.