Boulder AI and MeterSYS Announce Smart Cities Partnership for Improving Public Safety

Safeguarding communities with intelligent transportation and mobility IoT solutions.

Raleigh, NC and Boulder, CO – MeteSYS, a smart cities and utility technology solutions provider, and Boulder AI, an Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software company with a leading visual sensing technology, are partnering to bring pedestrian safety, bicycle safety, parking, and other smart visual transportation and mobility solutions to cities in the U.S.

“Transportation planning, safety, and operations are often labor intensive, and transportation planners and engineers are telling us that they often rely on snapshots of manually collected historical data to make decisions, as opposed to automatically accessing data and insights in real-time conditions. With more pedestrians, bicyclists, and other alternative forms of transportation sharing roadways with vehicles on city streets, our clients are looking to use IoT technologies to improve how they manage traffic signals and infrastructure at school crossing zones, high-traffic intersections and multi-modal lanes,” explained Andy Honeycutt, CEO of MeterSYS. “We selected Boulder AI as a partner because they have figured out how to solve important transportation and mobility problems with a cost-efficient and easy to deploy IoT solution.”

“We recently announced a new partnership with the City of Denver that provides safer traffic crossings for pedestrians,” said Bryan Schmode, chair and CEO of Boulder AI’s board. The improved planning for intersection safety in Denver is made possible with Boulder AI’s artificial intelligence (AI) driven platform that makes decisions based on traffic flow analytics and pedestrian behavior to inform real-time interventions and long-term projects.

“Boulder AI is working with tier one partners like MeterSYS to bring our visual intelligence solutions to local governments, because they all face similar operational challenges when it comes to transportation planning and safety,” said Schmode. “We believe other cities across America will follow suit, as traditional surveillance systems that rely on the performance of on-site servers or streaming videos to the cloud are costly, consume too much bandwidth, and cannot provide latency required for real-time safety detections.”

About MeterSYS
Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and within the Research Triangle, MeterSYS provides comprehensive smart community solutions and services for public water utilities, cities, and other public agencies. Through our IoT service platform and advanced metering solutions, we provide our customers solutions that are truly “Beyond the Read™”, enabling them to make better decisions to improve their infrastructure, their operational and service delivery capabilities, and their impact on their community. For more information about how we may help you strengthen your financial, operational, and customer service performance, please contact us at

About Boulder AI:
Boulder AI engineers, manufactures, and markets the world’s most powerful visual solutions for extraction of relevant actionable data in a secure manner on an unprecedented scale.  Utilizing the latest in computing technologies and deep neural networks at the edge to enable Boulder AI’s artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, users gain desired insights, and may leverage any number of Cloud Services in an end-to-end solution. Truer measurements and enhanced intelligence services enable Boulder AI customers to make smarter, faster, better decisions.

Their unique technology allows all of the data processing to be done inside the camera which does not require the costly combination of broadband connections, servers, and on-site data storage, making Boulder AI much less expensive and easier to maintain compared to current non-edge options.

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