MeterSYS and OpenDataSoft Announce a Strategic Partnership


A unique, industry-leading platform that improves performance management for utilities

MeterSYS, a metering technology services company that works for public utilities, and OpenDataSoft, a dynamic software platform that specializes in making data open, transparent, and actionable, are excited to announce a strategic partnership.

The partnership between MeterSYS and OpenDataSoft provides a unique and industry-leading platform for MeterSYS clients that enables customized advanced analytics displayed in intuitive infographics with the goal of improving performance management for utilities across key indicators and business functions.
This innovative new platform created exclusively for utility information management will allow MeterSYS clients to get more out of their advanced meter data and gain greater insight into their system, increase operational efficiencies, and improve utility customer service.
The OpenDataSoft platform will allow MeterSYS to aggregate and process data from multiple sources, compile unique data sets, and turn them into stand-alone Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) with the ability to integrate with other third-party software.

“The OpenDataSoft platform is built to acquire, combine, analyze and disseminate the many different data streams critical to modern infrastructure management. When that platform is leveraged by the deep domain expertise of MeterSYS, our mutual customers will benefit from a leading-edge solution that delivers unique insights and value”, declared Roger Hodskins, VP of Strategic Alliances at OpenDataSoft.

Background Information

MeterSYS is working with OpenDataSoft to develop a platform that will be complementary to a utility’s Metering Data Management System (MDMS). This platform will allow for more detailed analytics, customized infographics, and curated data stories that will use the raw data from the MDMS. For the first time, MDMS data can be analyzed and displayed in a way that will inform key management features and allow for data-driven decision making across all functional areas of utility management. This functionality opens these data even to those mostly traditionally excluded from accessing the MDMS, like finance and customer service.

“The ability for MeterSYS to provide sub-domains and “right-size” the user experience through layered accessibility and licensing allows us to scale our services, while also benefiting from the industry-leading privacy controls within the OpenDataSoft platform, which provide a critical level of security and performance for our clients” said Andy Honeycutt, Managing Director at MeterSYS.

About OpenDataSoft:
OpenDataSoft enables any local or national government or agency to become more transparent and accountable to citizens and consumers. Its second-generation open data platform is fast to ramp-up and intuitive to use, and transforms data into services without requiring technical expertise.
Headquartered in Boston, MA and Paris, France, OpenDataSoft already powers open data portals for many municipalities and agencies worldwide – including the North Carolina Department of Commerce, the City of Paris, the Ministry of Health in Portugal and the Swiss National Railways. For more information, visit or follow company news on Twitter via @opendatasoft

About MeterSYS:
MeterSYS is a Raleigh, North Carolina based meter technology consulting firm that provides a full range of services to public utilities, including feasibility analysis, procurement services, project management, Meter Data Management services, and business process improvement. Our company is uniquely positioned to partner with public utilities to provide sustained operational efficiencies, enhanced customer service, and natural resource conservation through advanced metering technologies. For more information, visit or follow company news on Twitter via @MeterSYS