MeterSYS Partners with the Safe Water Network

MeterSYS is proud to announce that we have become an official Funding Partner of Safe Water Network to support the construction of a water station in India. Safe Water Network is demonstrating at scale the viability of small water enterprises to supply under-served communities with safe, affordable, reliable water. Working primarily in Ghana and India, Safe Water Network creates small water enterprises that are locally owned and operated. These independent water stations are a scalable and sustainable option to provide clean water to small communities along with the training and remote support to ensure long-term sustainability.

Safe Water Network estimates that around one billion people are living without safe and reliable water. MeterSYS recognizes the importance of having access to clean drinking water and consider it a privilege to apply our expertise in the industry and business approach to a pervasive social issue. The MeterSYS team will be involved in supporting the Safe Water Network with funding support for a soon-to-be-identified location in India. With over 300 enterprises in operation that have experienced less than 5% downtime and serve 1.2 Million people, the station we support will join a growing number of enterprises that provide safe, affordable drinking water to communities. We bring our respect for public utilities and communities to be self-directed and self-sustaining along with our shared value of helping our neighbors to the partnership with Safe Water Network to build a water station.

Throughout our fundraising campaign, we will be sharing stories about the program, providing updates on progress made, and reaching out for support and donations. To learn more about the Safe Water Network, visit their website at MeterSYS is a metering technologies company that provides operational and consulting services for public water utilities.

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