MeterSYS Response to COVID-19

At this time of unprecedented uncertainty, the dedicated professionals at MeterSYS are working to implement continuity of service initiatives for our clients and other public agencies. MeterSYS has established internal practices and procedures designed to support productivity and social distancing by leveraging technology and communication tools as well as realigning project plans to reflect changes in workforce and priorities.

Our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) clients are benefiting from reading automation which allows staff to focus on other critical utility operations. The reliability of AMI networks provides utilities welcomed automation for business continuity during periods of uncertainty. Our team stands ready to support utilities seeking support for essential business functions like metering and water distribution management.

At MeterSYS, we are dedicated each day to assisting agencies in expanding automation so that their greatest assets, their people, may be used in delivering public service to the areas most needed. We hope for the safety and health for all our communities as we move through this ever-changing health crisis and our goal is to ensure our clients have the assistance they need as they continue to provide basic life services to the public.