Candor, NC accepted Meter as a Service (MaaS) contracts from MeterSYS in 2017. They had a new AMI system installed for all their customers. This system is our oldest MaaS project run by MeterSYS. MaaS involves the same support in feasibility, procurement, and project management/implementation that any other MeterSYS project would have. Candor will have the major management of their system placed under the care of MeterSYS to keep the Town with the latest software updates, key maintenance timelines will be met to keep the AMI system functioning at capacity, and allow the Town to let a water metering specialist firm take care of all their water metering concerns in the long-term.

MeterSYS is unique among our competitors in that we:

  • Own, operate, and maintain AMI networks
  • Have trained field resources for field inspections with equipped and data management
  • MeterSYS field technicians work with the vendor to ensure proper installation and operation of  the AMI network including collectors (base stations),
  • OSHA compliance
  • Tank welding specifications
  • Power and backhaul access
  • Surge safeguarding
  • Technicians provide support for RF performance

Candor was not required to have all the capital funds to pay for an entire metering replacement project at one time. Payments for the system were spaced over years to be made more affordable. Additionally, Candor has been provided infrastructure management and services from the MeterSYS team from initiation of the project and will continue through the life of the system. MaaS with Candor was also ideal for this customer because contracts and timelines were tailored to the needs of the utility. This means that they could carry the system to the term of life or if a major update occurs within the 20-year life of the system, they could easily update the system with MeterSYS. Candor is confident that they are getting an industry leading solution with a streamlined adoption process. If you have any questions relating to MaaS, please visit the “Contact Us”  and our MaaS page of our website.