Rezatec and MeterSYS partner to provide cutting edge technology to US water utilities to enhance asset management performance

Harwell, Oxfordshire, UK, 2017 January 2020 – Rezatec, leading provider of satellite data analytics, has partnered with MeterSYS, a smart cities solutions company, to deliver Rezatec’s water pipeline leak risk assessment and probability of failure solution to water utilities across the United States. MeterSYS provides best-in-class smart technology solutions for water utilities of all sizes, aiming to help utility decision makers access critical information and insights to improve operations, reduce infrastructure risks, and enhance customer service quality. MeterSYS brings solutions that leverage intelligent sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as geo analytics, so utilities have a better understanding of the real-time condition of their aging water infrastructure, and tools to help them improve their repair and replacement programs.

Rezatec’s pipeline risk assessment solution combines satellite data with machine learning techniques to produce likelihood and consequence of failure risk maps, identifying areas of the network at the highest risk of critical failure.

By implementing Rezatec’s pipeline risk assessment analytics, utilities have a complete view of the risk across entire networks to be able to make fast, accurate and affordable data driven asset management decisions. These deeper insights will provide more advanced data for utilities, enabling them to optimise sensor deployment and more quickly identify areas of network that need to be proactively maintained.

“We already have a strong suite of technologies, by adding Rezatec’s satellite analytics we will continue to provide our clients with leading technology solutions to optimize asset management. We are so far very impressed with Rezatec’s capabilities and look forward to working with them.” – Roger Brook, Smart Cities Manager at MeterSYS

Not only does the partnership help to save on the cost sensors (due to not blindly blanketing the network), but also to optimise the use of those installed. With over 250,000 mains breaks per year in the US alone the partnership will continue helping utilities to reduce the amount of non-revenue water and optimise leak detection. The break data from the sensors can then be fed back in the model, which then continues getting smarter at predicting which pipes are most likely to fail.

“We are excited to be working with MeterSYS, continuing to demonstrate our excellence providing satellite technology to water utility network operators“. We look forward to expanding into new areas within the United States by helping utilities to ultimately reduce non-revenue water and optimise their asset management.” -Philip Briscoe, Chief Operating Officer at Rezatec. 

The applications for satellite data and machine learning within the water industry are not restricted to pipeline risk assessment, Rezatec also provide solutions for watershed management and monitoring dams for signs of potential weakness.