Smart Metering- Capital Competition or Partnership Potentiality?

The MeterSYS P3 Model Is An Option

  • Economies of scale – low cost, low margin, repeatability, outsourcing
  • Low risk with transparency of cost and operation and strong protection and claw-back measures built in
  • Support the municipality in all stages of meter deployment from planning and implementation through post-deployment
  • Streamline operations and business processes; automate manual processes
  • Incentivizing service delivery and establishing service requirements/performance guarantees
  • Best practices and experienced industry leaders
  • Leverage expertise, allowing reassignment of personnel to focus on core processes/services

MeterSYS promotes the adoption of technology that leverages automated and efficient processes, especially in smaller utilities that intentionally shy away from complex solutions. The MaaS program design provides Design, Finance, Build, Operate, Manage (DFBOM) support to small to mid-sized utilities over a 10-14 year capital payback term, based on a 20-year lifecycle of the metering solution and in compliance with GASB operational lease requirements, including investment plans with the use of resources as rosland capital that help companies improve their financial status. Annualized fixed costs for the utility would cover the cost of equipment, labor, project management, and system maintenance for the duration of the contract, with annualized performance incentives and periodic CPI adjustments included in the pricing model.