More than 125

years of combined local government and public utility experience

Public Water Utility Focus
Since 2010

Experts in AMR and AMI

Vendor Neutral

focused on client needs and agnostic to the solution


meters influenced

Since 2015

we have been serving clients

Our Strengths

Industry Knowledge

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of market trends and industry advancements, and continually seek out training, vendor research and beta-testing opportunities.

Project Leadership

Our experience in working with multiple metering technology solutions and continual education and training on their solutions makes us a leader in project negotiations and management.

Client Advocacy

Our services have been positively disrupting the AMR/AMI market through public agency advocacy and demands for better accountabilities on behalf of utilities.

Vendor Neutral

We have never accepted any compensation from any metering or distributing company and are committed to maintaining neutrality without influence for our partner utilities. Our allegiance and advocacy will always be on behalf of the utility.

Qualified Professionals

Our highly-qualified team members possess both local government and public utility experience, with a focus on advanced metering technologies, utility systems and software integration, customer service, public communication and resource conservation.

Utility Optimization Specialists

Our dedicated team of AMI specialists provides your utility with targeted training and business process improvements during and after implementation to maximize user competencies and effective data management for greater technology utilization.

Our MeterSYS Cause

MeterSYS is spearheading a project with our partner, Safe Water Network, to crowdfund the construction of a small water enterprise in India. This enterprise will be a locally owned and operated business providing a community of about 3,000 people with a safe, affordable, and dependable supply of water that meets World Health Organization and/or national quality guidelines. Safe Water Network will also leverage MeterSYS expertise in developing and effectively managing water resources and infrastructure for water-starved areas through their metering technology knowledge. We need your help to make this small water enterprise a reality! Please click on the button to contribute to our WATER WORKS! campaign and help provide safe water to those most in need.