MeterSYS provides a dedicated service bound to a core focus on evaluation and implementation of AMI solutions.

Advanced metering technology for utilities is all we do…and we work each day to provide metering technology solutions for our customers sustainably in support of enhanced operations, improved financial condition, and greater customer service for our utility clients. MeterSYS operates in the evaluation, design, procurement, and implementation of AMI for public water utilities, with a primary focus on analysis and implementation of fixed-based technology across all major manufacturers. Our expertise lies within the following service areas:

MeterSYS helps guide utilities through AMI feasibility analysis, provide project procurement, and project management services to create consistency throughout the entire process. Our highly qualified team members possess both local government and public utility experience with expertise in the following areas:

✓ Water Metering Technologies

✓ Market Trends and Industry Research

✓ Utility Systems and Software Integration

✓ Utility Finance and Budget and Capital Improvement Planning

✓ Customer Service and Communications Planning

✓ Technology Procurement Development and Management

We are committed to achieving system performance and providing project financial management, ultimately delivering an AMI solution that is sustainable. We stand to help you leverage your existing staff and resources to improve your entire Meter-to-Customer workflow.