Our “Meter-to-Customer” approach evaluates key business processes to identify, define, develop, and optimize the following key operational areas that is critical for successful implementation from project initiation to project close-out:

Our Team takes an intentional approach to project management by:

✓ Facilitating the implementation as a full program of work, not just a short-term project

✓ Augmenting the utility’s staff and ensure the multiple vendors, contractors, project team are operating in sync
✓ Working with the utility to ensure the public is informed throughout the implementation process and citizen questions/complaints are well addressed and responded to in a timely fashion

✓ Making sure your project is completed on time and on budget because there are so many moving parts and the utility is still expected to maintain business as usual
✓ Providing education and training to leverage technology investments and gain greater results in user confidence, improved customer service, retention of essential skills and system knowledge, and improve staff effectiveness in utility operations