When we started MeterSYS in 2015, we had a very clear mission- to serve public utilities through advocacy and excellence for all aspects of metering technology assessment, business case analysis, implementation management, and post-installation service and support.  I am proud to say our company has not wavered from that original mission but rather enhanced our expertise in the options public agencies have when considering sensors, networks, and data management all on the foundational platform of Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

We are passionate about what we do. We bring the same level of intensity to projects of 1,000 or 100,000 service accounts because the pathway to success is the same.  Each project comprises devices, networks, data, and people as the crucial elements of success. Our team has an extraordinary diversity of experiences and they embrace the need for balancing successful implementation of innovation with the organizational changes needed to achieve reliable and sustainable operations.  As a former public administrator, I believe maintaining public trust is paramount to success and that there are three fundamental goals that must be achieved for realized value by our clients:

Operational Efficiencies | Financial Enhancements | Improved Customer Service

At MeterSYS, our mission and responsibility is clear.  We are not engineers, multi-vertical consultants, or distributors.  We are end-to-end providers of AMI and smart city applications dedicated to achieving success for the agencies we serve.  MeterSYS has some of the most innovative and service-oriented partners in the industry and it is through this ecosystem that we can meet any customer need with precision.

I am very excited about the opportunities for our clients and our team is energized to deliver organizational change by leveraging technologies that meet our three goals of success.  We welcome opportunities to explore options for our clients through creativity and innovation while applying disciplined execution.


Andy Honeycutt, President