Carthage North Carolina Case Study - Carthage Water Tower

Case Study: Carthage, NC Enhanced Water Operations Cellular AMI Deployment


After two years of planning and solution selection, the Moore County Seat of Carthage, located in central North Carolina, was ready to move forward with implementation of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to better serve their 1389 water customers. Town staff recognized this type of technology project would require a dedicated and experienced firm to lead them through the multiple phases of Feasibility and Business Process Analysis, Procurement, Implementation, and Integration of an AMI solution.


MeterSYS was selected by the Town in November 2018 to complete the Feasibility and Business Process Analysis for the Town. After the analysis was completed and following an extended period of internal evaluation and consideration of available options, the Town engaged MeterSYS in early 2021 to provide complete installation services while serving as the Project Manager to lead the AMI implementation and integration program of work. Consisting of system-wide water meter replacement, an organized customer notification and education program, and integration with customer information systems software, AMI implementation touches multiple departments internally and every water customer served by the Town. With such high visibility, having a trusted advisor to steer the utility through all major decision points, organize the multiple vendors involved, lead, and document all meetings, and be the main point of contact for making sure the project is completed on time and within budget proved critical for successful deployment.


One of the main challenges of this project was the Town’s widespread service territory combined with rolling topography. This unique service area would require a significant capital investment in traditional fixed-base AMI data collectors, leading the Town to select and deploy Badger’s cellular fixed network solution as their preferred option. The Badger cellular solution with Orion endpoints is considered an industry leader for cellular options and provides utilities with infrastructure free AMI. While there is a monthly fee for each LTE endpoint, there is no need for infrastructure replacement or ongoing network maintenance.

Carthage, NC Elevation Chart


MeterSYS supported the Town through:

  • Due diligence on the front-end of the project
  • Complete installation services
  • Quality control measures such as work order checks and database comparison throughout the implementation
  • Change management elements such as job-specific training throughout the project.

Thanks to the efforts of the Town of Carthage staff and the entire project management team, this project came in on time with 7% of funds unspent in the allocated budget, and has achieved a current daily read rate of 98.7%. The Town is now benefiting from more timely and accurate reads electronically, improved data to reduce non-revenue, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced customer service interactions, through the utilization of system alerts and reports to pinpoint issues.


MeterSYS provides a full spectrum of AMI services including feasibility, network design, procurement, implementation, and post-deployment systems enhancement. We help utilities evaluate and upgrade infrastructure, technology and operations to meet and exceed regulatory standards.

MeterSYS will help you leverage your network and put your data to work:

  • Post-AMI Initiatives, including customized staffing reallocation plans; maintenance standards; performance protocols; DMAs; pressure monitoring; leakage management solutions
  • loT and edge devices; network security/ privacy; emergency and disaster recovery; third-party software solutions
  • Customer portal; rebate and conservation initiatives; open data platform

Our company was founded on the clear need for public utilities to have an experienced and trained AMI advocate for each aspect of smart metering assessment and implementation.


  • Represent the interests of utilities among manufacturers and distributors to ensure you solution is the right solution for your utility goals.
  • Value transparency in our actions and believe that through positive disruption of the smart metering market, we can shift more value and sustainable benefit of AMI investments to our clients.
  • Serve as a resource and advocate for utilities and help our clients improve operations, enhance revenues, and provide greater service for their customers.


  • On-demand read capability
  • Improved asset management
  • Increased efficiency and conservation
  • Enhanced customer service

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