We don’t build bridges… and that’s a good thing!

Published on April 29, 2021

Andy Honeycutt

President and Chief Consulting Officer at MeterSYS

No, I am not referring to bridges as the philosophical connection between parties to achieve commonalities or the effort to build links between two otherwise divergent groups. We do that for sure! It simply means that, at MeterSYS, we are not in the business of designing and constructing massive infrastructure like bridges, water treatment plants, streets and highways, or buildings. We leave that highly technical and complex work to the wonderfully trained professional engineers working in a myriad of engineering branches such as chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical.

At MeterSYS®, we are diligently focused on the very specific things we do well every day- connecting meters and sensors to a network and making sure the output data is synthesized for the good of our clients and the broader industry. And we are very passionate about making sure each advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) or smart city project is performed successfully with quality and consistency that yields sustainability and achieves a return on investment. Just like nuclear power generation, when one location has a problem, it is a problem for all. So you might consider us a bit obsessive about the finer details of metering technology implementation and the skills and experience of those empowered to deliver a significant technological and operational change to public agencies.

We often see utilities, driven by comfort or convenience, hire large, multifaceted engineering or consulting firms to oversee their AMI projects without consideration to cost or contemplation of the true qualifications of the personnel assigned to their project…and for how long. Why? Often it is simply because they have brand “X” on their business card. They say no one gets fired for buying IBM but, maybe, just maybe, utilities should consider that bigger is not always better, core business is preferred over multi-vertical markets, and price is not the cost for AMI when done poorly. Our engineering friends at Pennoni understand and apply these disciplines very well. The symbiotic relationship between engineering and technology specialties works for each company and, most importantly, for the clients we collectively serve.

Our solutions are designed to support metering operations for generally 15 to 20 years, and we plan to be with our clients the entire step of the way. We can do this because we don’t build bridges, we focus on building systems and services to support our clients in optimization and operation of their metering and IoT infrastructure for the entire life-cycle of their investments.

Andy Honeycutt, President and Chief Consulting Officer