Union County Public Works (UCPW) affirmed its priority for defining a roadmap for metering and billing operations through issuance of its RFQ and was chosen for our custom and approved scope of work to evaluate the current metering and billing operations within UCPW. The MeterSYS team served to establish a clearly defined roadmap in coordination with the project team to complete the proposed feasibility study for the County.

The key tasks of the analysis included the following:

  • Evaluating current state operations, policies, procedures, and assets
  • Outlining future operational state recommendations, including the operational and financial business case for a metering technology project with solution goals and objectives
  • Identifying the financial feasibility of both AMR and AMI technologies through Operational Expenditure (OpEx) and Capital Expenditure (CapEx) modeling and
  • Establishing a recommendation, in detail, for implementation of the preferred solution and presenting the findings of the study to the project team and UCPW leadership.

When contemplating a future state metering system, implications to stranded assets, utilization synergies, staff training, system reliability and performance, risks, and costs must be contemplated to arrive at a validated recommendation for moving forward. Additionally, MeterSYS identified the recommended system, software or operational improvements for UCPW. This analytical approach allowed the MeterSYS team to collaboratively and objectively work with staff to uncover pain points and identify the best course for resolution and optimization. If you have any questions relating to  feasibility, please visit the “Contact Us” page of our website.